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Immediate Website Help

If you require immediate assistance with anthing website related, you are in the right place. Tell us about the problem you are currently experiencing. 🖐🏼

Completion Time: 3 minutes

Immediate Help

1. Introduction

2. What Do You Need Help With?

3. Please Provide Us Access To Assist

Please provide your login information to this website

Please provide your login information to your web hosting

Unfortunately We Are Unable To Assist

For us to provide assistance with your website, we require a level of access to begin diagnosing your issue.

You have indicated that you DO NOT have access for us to be able to provide you assistance.

Feel free to locate the necessary information above and revisit us so we can give you the assistance you are looking for.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

4. Finalising Your Request For Help

Requesting immediate website assistance is a premium service we offer and for us to begin to diagnose the problem, we require an upfront fee of $150 AUD.

This fee DOES NOT include the resolution of your problem and only covers the initial review and diagnosis of the problem you have.

By clicking on and finalising your request for immediate website assistance, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay your one-off fee. You will then hear from us within two hours with an update on your request for help.

Price: $150.00